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Los Angeles
Personal Message from Gita Print E-mail

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Cave Creek, Arizona!

It is with a renewed joy and enthusiasm that I write this letter. It is because of your faith, support, and trust in me and our TSG Staff that the work of Torkom’s Teaching reaches all the corners of the world.

Your support is very important to us and I would like to share
with you what TSG has done this year, give you an outline of our plans for next year, and offer our sincere gratitude for your support.

Click here to read my letter in its entirety 
. . .

This year's book updates:

  • WOZ_covers_webThe Wisdom of the Zodiac, a four-volume set, will be completely printed by the end of this year! Each volume contains over 40 lectures covering three signs of the Zodiac. These Teachings are beyond astrology, beyond esoteric theories, and contain very practical guidelines to any person who is sincerely striving to change his or her inner nature. Volumes 3 & 4 are available to order now.
  • Happiness, Joy & Bliss is due for release at the beginning of 2012. It is a book of healing and upliftment. It is full of exercises, explanations, and inspiring reading on how to increase our happiness and joy, and even bliss.
  • If you want to know more about Torkom and what were his inner, intimate thoughts about life and people, you will not want to miss the two volume set of poetry, From My Heart, Volumes 2 & 3.
  • Torkom’s Autobiography is in the final phases of completion. It is a narrative of his life, a spiritual record of his growth, his expectations and frustrations, his travel diaries and his lasting instructions to all of us.

Please consider a year-end donation to TSG. Your support is very important to us. We need your donations throughout the year. But especially at year end, we need your financial support to enable us to plan for next year’s work and complete more projects in every aspect of TSG’s purpose and vision.

With deep gratitude,

Gita Saraydarian

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Gita Saraydarian presents the Wisdom of the Zodiac summary for the full moon of Gemini. The topic is taken from Vol. 1, Wisdom of the Zodiac by Torkom Saraydarian, Ch. 42, Gemini: Love, Light, Power.

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